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Rules of Play = Code of Conduct

Please follow the FUN FOOTBALL PARTIES rules to ensure that everyone has a safe and happy time. 

By taking part in our parties, you are agreeing to abide by the following rules:


1. Keep A Watchful Eye

All party packages have a recommended minimum ratio of one adult for every five children. Such adults (“Responsible Adults”) shall be responsible for all children attending the party from arrival until departure.

Other adults/patents can join the party, however we understand that friends and family sometimes want to get involved with the coaching but unfortunately it is not possible so we can ensure the party is safe and runs smoothly.

2. Ouch! Help!

Please inform us if your child has any sort of accident, however minor so a trained first aider can take a look.

It is the Hirer responsibility to make known any medical conditions that may apply to your child/children or party guests.


3. Dressed to Play

We want everyone to have a great time, so be dressed ready to play; we recommend sports wear, no watches, jewellery and take extra care if you wear glasses or hearing aids.  As for footwear – that’s easy – trainers or astro turf football boots, but no studs!


4. Please Leave It the Way You Found It

The Hirer shall be responsible for leaving the premises and surroundings clean and tidy. All articles brought into the hall / premises and all rubbish, must be taken away by the Hirer.


Important notice:

  • Our premises are a gum free zone & piñatas, confetti, glitter are also not allowed.

  • Balloons are welcome but must be weighted.

  • Food fights are always prohibited.

  • No stickers, decals, posters, signage (temporary or permanent) or other material may be fixed to the walls, floor or ceilings of the premises or otherwise displayed at the premises without our prior written agreement.


5. A Place To Play – A Place To Eat

The eating areas are kept away from the play equipment to avoid slips, trips, choking and mess. Please keep food and drinks in the designated areas.


6. Better Safe Than Sorry

We cannot accept liability for loss or theft of any personal items (even if kept in the lockers). Try to leave valuables at home.


7. Polite Little Angels

Excitable children and grown-ups too, can sometimes forget their P’s and Q’s; at Fun Football parties we want everyone to respect each other's diversity and uniqueness. Please be mindful of how you and your children interact with those around them. Disrespectful and abusive behaviour towards others could result in being asked to leave.


8. Age Friendly

We realise that children at dissimilar ages play differently. We run parties for children age 5-10 years and they are specially designed and adapted to suit each of the different age groups. Please make sure that children under age of 5 don't attend the party, for their safety.


9. Fun But Fair Play

All our play equipment is designed for maximum fun but we cannot be held responsible for accidents that may occur as a result of playing on our equipment.

10. Be On Time / Leave On Time

Party host parents should plan on arriving 15 minutes before your reservation window to allow for check-in procedures i.e., waiver checks, and party room set up. However, please do not arrive more than 15 minutes prior to your reservation time as we might not be able to access the premises that early.

We also ask you and your guest to leave on time.

11. Feeding the Hungry Football Champs

Please note that we don't supply the party food or the cake.

You can bring party food boxes, order food from a fast food chain in advance or make a use of a kitchenette at our venue (*depending on which venue is available).


  • Our candy cones might contain the allergens so if you order them you take the full responsibility for the health hazards for anyone who comes in contact/consumes any products included in the party cones.


Note: We provide tables and chairs.

12. DON'Ts

  • The selling or consuming of alcohol on the premises is forbidden.

  • Smoking is not permitted in the building.

  • Fun Football Parties does not have a public entertainments license. This precludes the Hirer from charging members of the public who enter the building.

Fun Football Parties respect
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